Dear Bob,

On behalf of the Hi City Social Club I want to thank you for your time in showing us around and "Ned Kelly's Last Stand".

It was a first time experience and was the highlight of our weekend,

Thankyou again,

Yours Sincerely

Pam Eriwn

City of Heidelberg
Handicapped Persons Bereau Ltd. Trading as Hi - City Industries

Dear Sir,

I am enclosing for your information a leaflet describing an entertainment on the NED KELLY saga at GLENROWAN. Mr and Mrs Bob Hempel have gone to enormous expense and trouble to create the enactment of the events leading up to the capture and hanging of Ned Kelly.

It was thoroughly entertaining as well as creating a piece of living history. I feel the education system should include this in the school curriculum. It is part of Australia's folklore, and part of the history of the development of the Australian character - How Celtic and English peoples resisted corruption from those in power and made their stand at whatever cost to themselves.

The O'CELLAIGH family were sorely harrassed by the authorities and young Ned was badly treated. The fact that those poor country folk were offered the amount of $8.000 (a fortune then) to "dob" him in, and nary a word went forward, speaks for itself.

This is a marvellous piece of history enacted in a factual manner portrayed in the period of that time, and I loved it. And so would anyone else, when visiting Glenrowan.

I feel strongly that the Centre is long overdue for an award in the Tourist Industry. This is the true Australia and is a work of magnificence and nothing short of sheer genius.

And everyone else I have spoken to, who has been lucky enough to visit the Centre, is of the same opinion.

Yours Sincerely

Christine O'CONNER

Dear Bob,

Just a note to say thankyou.

It was such a delight for the children (and the adults) to take a walk back in history and participate in your interactive, theatrical production of Ned Kelly's Last Stand at the Museum.

You certainly have a wonderful display, which we appreciate you sharing with us.

As part of the Rural Medical Family Network program for spouses and children during the recent Rural Doctor's conference, the experience was great success.

Kindest Regards,

Gina Lambe
Rural Medical Family Network (RMFN) - Victoria

Just want to say thanks again Bob, for the visit to your Centre, and for your knowledge and enthusiasm. We have only a few months remaining before returning to Canada and since Ned has become a keen interest of mine, my time spent at Glenrowan was a total delight. And visiting your superb theatre was a distinct highlight!

Best wishes

Malcolm Fisher
(of Steller, Alberta, Canada)

We wish to acknowledge Bob Hempel,

for your fantastic show and making the day enjoyable.
Our residents appreciate your support.

Friends of 674 David St
Fund Raising Committee

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Glenrowan township, located 15km south of Wangaratta, is the gatekeeper of the "Ned Kelly - the bushranger" history. It is the site of the final seige and capture of the Kelly Gang in 1880